Supporters and Sponsors

ESCTAIC’s Offer for Companies and their Representatives

ESCTAIC’s 22nd annual meeting begins on Wednesday, the 12th of October 2011, at 2 pm and ends on Saturday, the 15th of October at 1 pm. Companies and other organizations have the possibility to participate in our annual meeting through one or more of the following options:

ESCTAIC may also invite individual companies or their representatives to give lectures referring to specific topics. Of course ESCTAIC will not charge anything for those presentations. ESCTAIC would ask the invited companies to bear the travel costs of their speakers whenever possible.

The agreement for your active participation should be arranged directly with the local organizers. Representatives of your company participating within the framework of our cooperation offer should also register with their name, function, date of arrival and date of departure (as well as an indication of your company’s cooperation)

Should your company decide not to participate in one of our cooperation options – which we would deeply regret – you and your colleagues will still be very welcome as regular participants in 2011 in Erlangen.