Supporters and Sponsors

ESCTAIC’s Different Approach to Cooperation

Our scientific society does not see our industrial partners just as sponsors, but as substantial contributors and important discussion partners. To achieve this goal, we would like to make contact with those biomedical companies specializing in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, that not only offer the products but also the expertise in topics related to our society. We aim at establishing cooperation with those companies that wish to discuss and improve concepts and not just present and sell their products.

Those companies that have repeatedly participated in our annual congresses especially appreciate ESCTAIC meetings, because they are …

You will find these specific features in the enclosed offer for companies participating in the 22nd Annual ESCTAIC Meeting in Erlangen 2011. It is our aim to include those companies, who have already participated in and supported our previous congresses, as well as to invite newcomers who would like to take an active part in this domain of expertise.

The ESCTAIC annual meeting is predominantly an insider event for computing and technology in anaesthesiology and intensive care. This means that participants are highly specialized, occupying leading and expert positions in their hospitals and institutions. They are typically more responsible for decisions on equipment than the ordinary visitor of congresses or trade fairs. On average we expect 80-120 participants at our annual meetings – not only from Europe, but also from America, Asia and the Middle East.

For ESCTAIC meetings it is our policy to contact multinational technology companies through their local representatives. Parent companies (European or overseas headquarters for instance) are contacted only after consultation of their local branches to prevent that we will contact your company twice.

Your participation will contribute to the success oft these meetings. For this reason we will make every effort to integrate your company and representatives into our meeting. It is our hope that we can cooperate in both the generation and realization of new ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you should have any questions concerning the enclosed offer.