Scientific Committee:



Ab van Dusseldorp (Netherlands)

Stephen Rees (Denmark)



Alexander Bankov (Russia); Alexander Baschin (Germany);  Andre Dellermalm (Sweden); Wolfgang Friesdorf (Germany); Frank O’Connor (Netherlands); Gabriel Gurman (Israel); Mohamed Rehman (USA); Nico van Schagen (Netherlands);

Philippe Mavoungou (France); Saturo Hashimoto (Japan); Sebastian Glende (Germany); Wolfgang Koller (Austria); Martin Sedlmayer (Germany)


Local Organizer:

VU University Medical Center

Department of Anesthesiology

tel: +31204444386

De Boelelaan 1117

1081 HV Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Local Organizing Committee:

Ab van Dusseldorp

Nico van Schagen

Silwana Arensma-Portente

prof. dr. Stephan Loer

dr Christa Boer

Wim Jansen


Congress Information for Companies and Organizations:

Topics:  Improving the Patient Treatment and Safety in ER, OR and ICU with

Innovative Technological and Computing Solutions based on …


• system ergonomics   • smart alarms

• workflow analysis and design  • wireless networking

• human computer interaction  • internet applications

• monitoring systems   • remote monitoring

• sensor technology  • virtual textbooks

• neurophysiologic monitoring  • simulation

• mechanical ventilation  • closed-loop systems

• the electronic operating room  • patient controlled analgesia

• patient data management  • target controlled Infusion

• web based patient records  • economic benefits of technology

• artificial intelligence    • standardization of data sets

• decision support  • standards for technical devices



ESCTAIC’s Different Approach to Cooperation:

Our scientific society does not see our industrial partners just as sponsors, but as substantial contributors and important discussion partners. To achieve this goal, we would like to make contact with those biomedical companies specializing in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, that  not only offer the products but also the expertise in topics related to our society. We aim at establishing cooperation with those companies that wish to discuss and improve concepts and not just present and sell their products. 


Those companies that have repeatedly participated in our annual congresses especially appreciate ESCTAIC meetings, because they are …


1. A highly specialized meeting platform for experts, trendsetters and interested users solely focusing on computing and technology in anaesthesia and intensive care – not just another trade fair.


2. A fundamental basis for getting an up-to-date insight into the latest developments in this research area through scientific presentations and workshops as well as expert tutorials and open plenum discussions. 

3. An important and well functioning discussion platform for doctors, technicians and industry to improve cross-disciplinary issues.

4. A rare chance not only to display biomedical products within the industrial exhibition, but also to present and discuss them in scientific sessions, workshops and tutorials in much more detail than at other congresses.

5. An essential opportunity for company employees to be integrated into our scientific and clinical research as active discussion partners on a cooperative basis.


You will find these specific features in the enclosed offer for companies participating in the 21st Annual ESCTAIC Meeting in Amsterdam 2010. It is our aim to include those companies, who have already participated in and supported our previous congresses, as well as to invite newcomers who would like to take an active part in this domain of expertise. 


The ESCTAIC annual meeting is predominantly an insider event for computing and technology in anaesthesiology and intensive care. This means that participants are highly specialized, occupying leading and expert positions in their hospitals and institutions. They are typically more responsible for decisions on equipment than the ordinary visitor of congresses or trade fairs. On average we expect 80-120 participants at our annual meetings – not only from Europe, but also from America, Asia and the Middle East.


For ESCTAIC meetings it is our policy to contact multinational technology companies through their local representatives. Parent companies (European or overseas headquarters for instance) are contacted only after consultation of their local branches to prevent that we will contact your company twice.


Your participation will contribute to the success oft these meetings. For this reason we will make every effort to integrate your company and representatives into our meeting. It is our hope that we can cooperate in both the generation and realization of new ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you should have any questions concerning the enclosed offer.



ESCTAIC’s Offer for Companies and their Representatives:

ESCTAIC’s 21st annual meeting  begins on Wednesday, the 6th  of October 2010, at 2 pm and ends on Saturday, the 9th  of October at 1 pm. Companies and other organizations have the possibility to participate in our annual meeting through one or more of the following options:



  1. A Booth for Industrial Exhibitors


When planning your exhibition booth please remember that the official language of the congress is English. Topics and presentations with a direct relation to the products of the exhibiting companies will be placed in the congress program on Thursday or Friday, thus giving congress participants the opportunity to inform themselves in more detail at the exhibition booths. The participation fee for two company representatives is included in the  booth fee (3 x 2 m = 6 m2) for €1000).



  1. A Presentation within the Context of the Scientific Program


Interested companies can propose lectures for the scientific program. Those lectures can be given either by a company representative or by a cooperating clinician. The length of the presentation will be determined by the congress committee (approximately 15-20 minutes). 


General information about the abstract format:

- Accepted language: English

- Accepted fonts: “Times” or “Times New Roman” size 12

- Spacing between lines: 12-14

- Spacing between paragraphs: 15-18

- Maximum length: two A4 page

- Authors: not more than 6 names, first author underlined

- Institution: full name, city, country

- Structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References

- Charts and graphs: only black and white (must fit into the A4 pages)


General information for the abstract submission:


The abstract should be submitted to by the 15th of April 2010. Please make clear in an additional letter that the presentation is sponsored so that it will not become part of the scientific review process. 


ESCTAIC charges € 600 for presentations representing the product and/or solution of a specific company; this also includes the congress registration fee for the presenting speaker.



  1. A Session/Workshop/Tutorial within the Context of the Scientific Program 


Interested companies can also define and organize an entire session, workshop or tutorial for the scientific program. Sessions will usually last about 90 minutes – the length of workshops and tutorials can be individually arranged. Each event will be printed in the congress program, displayed on the congress web pages and advertised on site together with the name of the supporting company. ESCTAIC charges € 2,400 for a complete session as well as a workshop or tutorial. This also includes the registration fees for up to three speakers/presenters, but does not cover any travelling support. General information for the abstract format as well as abstract submission can be found above.



  1. A Presentation within a Sponsored Lunch Break (approximately 45 minutes)


On Thursday and Friday interested companies will have the chance to present and discuss their products and/or concepts within a sponsored lunch break (approximately 45 minutes). As a matter of course, the congress committee will participate on these presentations. The event will be printed in the congress program, displayed on the congress web pages and advertised on site together with the name of the supporting company. In addition to the sponsored lunches the fee for a sponsored lunch break is € 500. 



  1. Sponsoring of Specific Congress Expenses (congress kits, social events etc.)


Interested companies have the chance to sponsor specific congress expenses: congress kits, one of the social events on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening, the sightseeing on Saturday afternoon or public transportation for the congress participants. The exact number of participants expected will be given out by the congress committee in the middle of August 2010. Individual modalities can be arranged between the company and the local organizer. The sponsoring will be printed in the congress program and displayed on the congress web pages as well as on site together with the name of the supporting company.



  1. Additional Sponsoring


Every interested company is extremely welcome to support our meeting with a donation. The sponsoring will be printed in the congress program and displayed on the congress web pages as well as on site together with the name of the supporting company.

ESCTAIC may also invite individual companies or their representatives to give lectures referring to specific topics. Of course ESCTAIC will not charge anything for those presentations.


ESCTAIC would ask the invited companies to bear the travel costs of their speakers whenever possible. 


The agreement for your active participation should be arranged directly with the VU University Medical Center Department of Anaesthesiology in Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Representatives of your company participating within the framework of our cooperation offer should also register with their name, function, date of arrival and date of departure (as well as an indication of your company’s cooperation) at the VU University Medical Center Department of Anaesthesiology.

Should your company decide not to participate in one of our cooperation options – which we would deeply regret – you and your colleagues will still be very welcome as regular participants in 2010 in Amsterdam for which the following fees apply:



A) CONGRESS   <15-06-2010 >15-06-2010
ESCTAIC members   € 250 per person € 280 per person
Non members   € 300 per person € 330 per person
Accepted free paper   € 220 per person € 220 per person
ESCTAIC members   € 70 per person €  80 per person
Non members   € 90 per person € 100 per person
ESCTAIC members   € 15 per person € 20 per person
Non members   € 20 per person € 25 per person



All Payments should be made in Euro to:


Stichting Onderwijs Research Fonds Anesthesiologie   

IBAN: NL30INGB0004936101   City: Amsterdam  remarks: esctaic 2010


voor nederlandse betalingen :  ING  Rekeningnummer: 4936101

t.n.v. bovengenoemde Stichting te Amsterdam  o.v.v.  esctaic 2010


You will receive confirmation by email, after receiving your payment we will send you a receipt to your postal address